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Base and bitter substances are gentle healers and the often forgotten way to vitality and health. Bases and bitter substances have decisive functions in our entire metabolism, therefore they are among other things as a basis for your well-being.

We deliberately offer a manageable and well-matching range. It is important to us that we can produce all our products as naturally as possible. We do not use colours-fillings, perfumes and preservatives, we do also not use parabens, mineral oils, silicone, or aluminium. We don’t do any animal experiments, we test everything on humans, preferably on ourselves.

Stay balanced with Urbase®

Our Body is constantly striving to keep the fragile acid-base balance (7,356 optimum pH). We have an endogenous buffer system (substances that binds and neutralizes acids) to keep a constant acid-base balance. At least two- third of our diet should be basic. Our Urbase products make a valuable contribution to support these body processes.


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A bit bitter please…. BITTERSTERN®

Bitter-containing herbs belong to the oldest pelts used by humans (Hildegard von Bingen- Elixier ad lingam vitam). Bitter herbs help with their secondary constituents the activity of bile and pancreas. This promotes fat burning and at the same time it reduces cravings for sweets! ( NDR/ Visite 21.01.2015 )

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